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The greatest advantage to real estate investing is that the money you get out of it is more than what you invest.  Of course, this is called profit.  Investing can be a scary endeavor, unless you are confident in yourself.  Knowledge of the endeavor you pursue is what builds the confidence.  Some of the knowledge will come from yourself, and some will come from  your support team who has expertise in the areas you do not.  This page is one way to discuss getting into and prospering in real estate investing.  You will need to have the following areas covered when getting into investing:

    I  - Inspections choosing the right property

  II  - First appraisals - knowing the correct value of the property before you buy

III  - Remodeling crew - Fixing it up up to code and within cost range

 IV  - Second appraisals - knowing the correct value of the property after remodeling is complete

   V  - Agenda - what do you want to do with the property

 VI  - Financing - covering all the bases

VII  - Property management - sales/rental/security

These categories are essential, and when you are ready, we can sit down and get into the details.  There is alot of information to gather to make sure you get the right fit for you.  We will discuss with you what  your areas of strength are versus your areas of need and come up with the best formula for you. 

Why deal with us???  The major fear in getting into investing is the loss of your money.  Althought there is always a risk in investing, your risk is immensly limited when you know what you are doing, and all parties involved do their part to maximize your investment.  Since the parties involved are separate entities and have their own duties and schedules, you will need someone to pull them all together and make sure their vision is their vision.  Our goal is to get repeat business.  We get repeat business when our clients who are satisfied with their investment.  Our job is to make sure the entire project is successful.  If we help you to make money, you will use us again and refer us to others. 

We will add articles to this site to keep you informed and motivated in your endeavors.  Any questions ?   Don't hesitate to ask.  


                                                        Last but not least- Think Positive!!! 

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